Saturday, May 28, 2005

Fast Facts

Book title : Sihir Perempuan
Author : Intan Paramaditha
Genre : Horror/mystery
No. of pages : 150
Publisher : KataKita (May 2005)
Editor : Eko Endarmoko
Cover designer: Muhammad Taufiq
Photographer : Dissy Ekapramudita
Layout designer: Cyprianus Napiun


Ezmieralda Melissa said...


I was asked to give my opinion on your short stories collection by a friend of mine, who gave me this book with a recommendation “worth reading”. Personally, I am not a big fan of mystery readings since they make me scared to sleep at night:). Well, I should say that your piece is quite different, since I believe it doesn’t simply aim to entertain those who enjoy this genre, but it is also embedded with social issues facing women nowadays. Good thinking!

I like your style of writing, which shows your flair of language….very poetic and is open to different interpretations. However, I should also say that I don’t really fancy the ideas presented altogether in this book. Well, I may not be an expert to criticise your piece, but I sense this book is a little bit simplistic. I am pretty sure that these problems are easily found in today’s world. Nevertheless, they are not very representative of the conditions of modern women. Why women should be presented as victims, who always suffer, live in unhappiness and are torn between their different roles in life? I mean… although there are possibly heaps that experience these dilemmas, I also believe there are a handful of others who happily enjoy their positions as women both in their family and professional lives. So, there are still many facets of the women’s life that are worth discovering. Why don’t you write about these positive things as well? Thus, readers won’t feel so pessimistic about being a woman.

Well, that’s my view on this book. Congratulations to make it published. My friend is right… it is worth reading. I hope it gives you motivation to create more and I am looking forward to reading your pieces in the future.

madwomanintheattic said...

Thanks for spending your precious time to read SIHIR PEREMPUAN and leave your comment on the blog. It's really an honor to have a person who's not a big fan of gothic stories to read this book!

Do you really think that all women are portrayed as victims? Try to read "Sang Ratu" or "Darah" -- they're quite explicit in showing women who make decisions for their lives.

SIHIR PEREMPUAN is about women's experiences. Most of my female characters can free themselves (I admit, not all of them, such as the protagonist in "Mobil Jenazah") by yielding to the darkness. That's actually the point of these stories. The strategy of these women is not to conform to the society or be the same as men, but to stay in the dark realm of hysteria, stay different, and keep haunting.

Anyway, what makes me feel that this book is worth writing is the fact that there are so many critical readers like you out there. So, once again, thanks!